Cheeky Wipes Organic extra virgin Coconut Oil

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This organic extra virgin coconut oil is good enough to eat! Available in a 50ml travel size, or 500ml at home.

Having used standard coconut oils before, we didn't get what all the fuss is about - THEN we tried this organic virgin coconut oil and the difference was clear. There is a fantastic coconutty smell which is a sign that all the goodness hasn't been refined out! We call this our wonder oil as it has so many uses:

Ingredients: 100% Organic, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

To use as a wipes solution, melt a teaspoonful in a cup in the microwave (or pour boiling water over it), then add to your fresh wipes box as usual alongside your fresh wipes solution.  Sloosh it around and then add your wipes to make extra moisturising cloth wipes - gorgeous.

Helen, creator of Cheeky Wipes suffers from eczema and it is the one product which she has found to really soothe her dry skin without causing irritation. Slather it on after a shower - it is greasy at first but absorbs quickly, leaving supersoft, great smelling skin. And in line with all Cheeky Wipes product, it is great to know that you are using just one ingredient on your skin - simple is often better!  It also makes a fantastic lip or nipple balm, if you have any chapping or chafing in those areas.

It is also a brilliant 'cloth nappy safe' baby bum barrier cream and as it is antibacterial also it can help heal mild nappy rash irritation.  Obviously, you can use it on all of your baby as a baby moisturiser, not just their bum, so if you are into baby massage oil, this would work a treat.

And as if that wasn't enough, it makes fantastic chocolate when mixed with cocoa powder and honey....

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